30cm Sphere Solar Stainless Steel Water Feature with Lights - Outdoor use

202,63 $
Cable Length Pump Outlet Size Pump Power Solar Panel Included? Pump Included?
3m 13 mm( 0.5 in ) 300 LPH Yes Yes
Lights Type Battery Back-Up? Lights Included? Reservoir Included? Diameter
LED Yes Yes Yes 30cm(11.8 in)
Weight Metal Material Width Length
3.5kg Stainless Steel(0.5mm) Plastic 52cm(20.5 in) 52cm(20.5 in)

Made from grade 304 stainless steel, this feature will not rust and its great strength will allow it to survive outside in your garden for years to come. Comes complete with a solar panel to cut down on your energy costs. It will also save you from running an electrical wire out of the house. A backup battery will provide you with 8 hours of stored power, which is very useful considering the changeable weather we have in the UK. It is self-contained, so simply add water to get the feature running. It has been finished with an integrated LED light that brings the feature to life at night. It will beautifully illuminate the water that bubbles out from the top of the sphere. A film of water cascades down and over the sphere to cover it completely, providing a constantly changing mirrored reflection.

Grade 304 stainless steel - will not rust, offers great strength and durability
  • Solar Panel: no need to run an electrical cable from your house, saves on your energy bills
  • Powered by the Sun - Place anywhere you like, without the constraints of mains cabling
  • Battery back up - supply up to 8 hours of backup power on cloudy days
  • LED lights: illuminates the feature at night creating a wonderful spectacle
  • Fully self-contained reservoir: simply bury the reservoir and cover it with pebbles to hide it from view

  • Sphere: Diameter 30cm (11.8 in)
  • Reservoir: diameter 52cm (20.5 in) x height 20cm (7.9 in)
  • Solar-powered pump: max. the water flow rate of 300lph, lift of 90cm
  • Solar panel with battery back up included
  • Cable length from LED to solar panel: 30cm (1ft)
  • Cable length from pump to solar panel:3m

Más Información
Width 52cm
Height 46cm
Depth 52cm
Shape Globe
Material Corten Steel
Color Shiny Silver
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