H60cm Corten Steel Tall Cube Planter Rust Effect

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    This planter has been made using a innovative material called corten steel. It will arrive looking the same as many other steel planters, but after just a few days of use, it will develop a protective, rust-like surface. This layer protects against further corrosion, and it is completely unique, so no two planters are the same.



    Design: The Corten steel planter creates a natural modern rustic look to commercial and residential landscape spaces;

    Rust Finish: Ships as raw non-weathered Corten steel, develops a beautiful rust patina over time;

    Cube planter:create a delightful display with your favourite plants;

    More Convenient: Central drainage hole and bung make it more convenient to retain/release water;

    Easy To Move: Lightweight, versatile, and easily portable - can be conveniently placed in a location of your choice;

    Maintenance Free: Natural is good, forms a stable, self-protecting rust that requires no painting or maintenance.


    Length: 34cm (13.4 in)
    Width: 34cm (13.4 in)
    Height:60cm (23.6 in)
    Weight: 6.5kg

    Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
    ShapeTall Cube
    MaterialCorten Steel
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