70cm Gazing Globe Stainless Steel Mirror Ball Shiny Gold

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    Sparkling Shiny Gold stainless steel reflects its surroundings beautifully. These stainless steel gazing balls won't shatter like glass gazing balls, and they are spherical, so there is no stem or neck protruding like some glass balls.

    The multi-use gazing ball can be used in a variety of ways, including in your garden, patio, courtyard, or front door entryway or as an accent piece in your living room.

    This mirror gazing ball will add vibrant color and shine to your garden, and will help promote a healthy garden by reflecting light on sunny days.

    Perfectly spherical, they may be used for multiple applications both indoors and out. Great gift idea - can be used with any gazing globe pedestal or stand (not included).



    Modern design: this strikingly modern sphere is perfect for contemporary urban gardens;

    Versatile: perfectly suitable for home or garden display, the spheres can bring a renewed sense of light and space to any environment;

    Durable construction:made from high quality 201 grade stainless steel which is harder.


    Material:201 stainless steel
    Diameter: 70cm (27.6in)

    Stainless Steel Thickness:0.5mm

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    MaterialStainless Steel
    ColorShiny Gold
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