58cm(22.8in) Resin Marble Effect Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature Fountain with LED Light

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    The resin marble effect stainless steel sphere water feature is a popular water feature among gardeners and garden designers. With water flowing over and around the sphere ball it will, without doubt, add a crisp, modern edge to any garden or simply provide the look of any modern-styled courtyard, deck, or patio.

    De-Stress Anytime: Water illuminated by LED lights gently flows from the top of the sphere into a base below creating a delicate sound. The sphere also comes with white LEDs and provides a stunning effect day and night.

    Made from top-quality grade stainless steel with marble effect like walking around nature. 



    • Modern Design: this strikingly modern water feature is perfect for contemporary urban gardens;
    • Marble Effect: Made from high-quality stainless steel with marble effect which makes you feel like walking around nature.
    • Versatile Feature: this water feature can be used both indoors and outdoors;
    • Comes with LED Lights: the sphere is topped with LED lights which illuminate the water as it pours from the sphere, making it perfect to use at night;
    • Included Reservoir: this completely self-contained feature can go almost anywhere in your home or garden without needing to buy or dig an external reservoir.



    • Sphere Diameter: 22.8 in ( 58cm )

    • Total Height : 30 in ( 76cm )  

    • Bowl Diameter : 22.8 in ( 58cm )

    • Bowl Height: 7 in ( 18cm )

    • Cable Length:10m  

    • Weight: 13.2lb ( 6kg )

    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    • Stainless Steel Thickness :0.6mm

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    MaterialStainless Steel
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