H108cm(42.5in) Curved Stainless Steel Water Wall Cascade | Indoor/Outdoor

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    Curved Stainless Steel Water Wall Cascade (108cm/42.5in)

    Experience the mesmerizing qualities of water walls with this stunning feature. Standing at an impressively tall, watch how the water flows down the brushed stainless steel curved wall, refracting the light and creating an aura of calmness. Water walls have the power to enchant adults and children alike and this feature will make a striking addition to any home, office space, reception area, restaurant, or garden.



    Made from high-quality stainless steel: extremely resistant to corrosion
    Self-contained: requires no additional reservoir
    10 LED lights: enhances your sensory experience
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: enjoy your feature in a range of settings
    This impressive water wall is fully self: contained requiring no additional reservoir and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to enjoy your feature in a range of settings.

    Made from high-quality stainless steel, it is extremely resistant to corrosion so you will be able to enjoy your feature for years to come.
    In today's air-conditioned environments this feature helps to reach the medically recommended air humidity of 45-55%.



    Lengh 44.5 cm(17.5 in) Width 23.5cm( 9.3 in) *Height Height 108cm (42.5 in ) 

    Supplied with

    • 1 x stainless steel fountain
      1 x Water feature hose
      1 x pump (10M cable)
      1 x LED light ( white)
      S.S. 304; 0.7mm
    Více informací
    ShapeTall Cube
    MaterialStainless Steel
    ColorShiny Silver
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