H101cm(39.8in) Stainless Steel&Glass Matetial Water Wall with Lights | Indoor/Outdoor

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    Add a stunning focal point to any interior or exterior with this contemporary, elegant and delightful water wall. It has been manufactured with a high-quality stainless steel frame to give the feature sturdy and rigid construction and provide it with high resistance to corrosion caused by water. It features a large glass sheet that sits in the center of the steel frame. The glass wall can divide an open indoor living or office space, giving you more privacy whilst keeping the room light and cozy. It can also make a wonderful garden decoration, creating a serene atmosphere whilst enhancing the natural beauty of your garden. LED lights that shine upwards can be found at the base of the product and will light up the feature at night, illuminating the glass and reflecting the water as it flows. The water feature is completed with a discreet reservoir hidden in the base, which will collect the water as it flows down, allowing it to be pumped back up and recirculated around the feature.



    • Perfect to divide an open indoor space;
    • Lit up by LED lights that will illuminate the feature at dusk;
    • A tempered Glass sheet will help to keep the room airy and light;
    • Made from high-quality stainless steel for a sturdy and durable construction;
    • Fully self-contained: no additional reservoir required;
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.



    Height:40 in  (101.5cm) x Width: 17.7 in (45cm) x Depth: 11 in (28cm)
    Cable Length: 10m (32' 8")

    Více informací
    MaterialStainless Steel
    ColorShiny Silver
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