1.75M Rust Effect Vertical Corten Steel Water Wall with Colour LED Lights

    830,81 US$
    Cable Length Pump Outlet Size Pump Power Power Supply Lights Type
    1000 cm( 32 ft 9 in )
    19 mm( 0.7 in ) 3500 LPH Mains power only LED
    Pump Included? Lights Included? Reservoir Included? Height Width
    Yes Yes Yes 175 cm( 5 ft 8 in ) 120 cm( 3 ft 11 in )
    Depth Weight Metal
    40 cm( 1 ft 3 in )
    33 Kg
    Corten Steel

    Steel water feature is a popular water feature among gardeners and garden designers. This water feature starts off looking like any other steel feature with it`s corten steel material. While using this item, the continued rust caused by water, weather and time will make the water feature even more authentic. After just a few days of use, it will develop a rust-like surface that also has a protective layer. This layer protects against further corrosion, and it is completely unique, so no two features are the same.

    Everyday, looking at the nature rust with the water sound, make you feel  De-Stress.


    Please note: The beautiful, unique colouring shown above takes at least 3 days to form - when you receive the wall, it will appear silver. The layer of protective rust will form over a few days, providing the wall with extra protection against the elements as well as a beautiful and unusual patina.



    Corten steel: forms a stable, self-protecting rust that requires no painting or maintenance, for a fashionable aesthetic which doesn’t compromise structural strength;

    LED 'Ultra Bright' lights: colour changing lights - a slow fade between red, blue, green and purple;

    Pump included: no need to purchase a pump;

    Self-contained: no need for a continuous water supply.



    Height: 175cm (68.9 inches) x Width: 120cm (47.2 inches) x Depth: 40cm (15.7 inches)
    Pump: 4000Lph (99w)



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    MaterialCorten Steel
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